[lvca_heading style=”style2″ heading=”10 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Logo”]

Reason #1

To look “bigger” and “established”. Home-printed business cards with Microsoft clipart logos scream “small-time vendor/business” – and that is how they will want to compensate you.

Reason #2

To attract more clients. Some clients look for a well-defined company. This may be one of their criteria for making a purchasing decision.

Reason #3

To brand yourself. This is your image and a logo will building your image and individual identity.

Reason #4

To convey you are reputable. Having a logo shows you’re committed to both your business and to your clients.

Reason #5

To give clients a sense of stability. Even if your business has only been open for a few years, having a logo will show build trust in the eyes of your customers.

Reason #6

To be more memorable. Having graphics associated with your business, and keeping it consistent throughout your marketing avenues makes you more likely to be at the forefront of potential clients’ minds when they are looking for goods or services.

Reason #7

To explain your company name. A logo can give visual clients to the meaning of your company. This helps with companies that contain a little-known word or acronym, as well as helping with a tricky company name, or hard to explain line of business.

Reason #8

To differentiate you from your competition. A well-designed logo can have many subtle meanings and can begin to tell the story of how you do business. This will make you stand apart from your competition.

Reason #9

To stand out in your field. Fabulous, well designed logos can put you a step ahead of your competition.

Reason #10

To show your commitment. Do it for the sense of personal pride.

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