About The Branding Cupid

Hey There,

I’m Michael Ryan Whitson. I help movers & shakers, creative entrepreneurs and small business owners turn their dreams of helping others into movements that inspire millions. I teach people to start living their life to the fullest by choosing to start living right now by turning their passions into profits.

In today’s ever changing market, professionals, businesses and organizations need to have a grip on their reputation online and offline. If your business does not have a memorable name, cohesively branded visuals and a consistent marketing plan, then you are missing out on a large piece of the pie.

Putting in the legwork, such as building your brand at the onset of starting your business, gives your business a platform to stand upon and road-map to achieving maximum impact and generate the trust value within your customers minds.

I encourage you to reach out to discuss your brand’s goals, plans and dreams. Together we will advance your business, market share, and most importantly your profits.


The Branding Cupid is focused on assisting entrepreneurs build spectacular brands. Start building your brand today and deliver a superb customer experience right from the start.

Cupid's Mission:

Cupid’s mission is to target your soulmate clients with carefully-chosen arrows, bringing you together in a harmonious business relationship!

  • We launch the branding arrows into the world, drawing in your dream audience.
  • Design arrows pierce your audience straight through the heart, creating the initial spark of attraction.
  • Then the copywriting arrows profess your words of love, while the marketing arrows shout your passion from the rooftops!

Cupid helps clients:

  1. Develop a precise profile of their ideal clients. Many service business define their target markets too broadly, thus weakening their market position.
  2. Define their unique value (many firms define theirs too generically.)
  3. Articulate their key messages.
  4. Develop strong foundational marketing materials including brand identities, websites and case studies.
  5. Learn to use their brands as the heart of their selling strategy.