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For most entrepreneurs, an important first step is to gather audience data. How do audiences perceive your brand now? What and where are the gaps between their perceptions, and the strategic vision of how your business wants to be perceived?

If an institution has not previously conducted any quantitative research with key audiences, The Branding Cupid can develop online surveys or recommend firms that specialize in more in-depth quantitative work. Surveys serve as useful benchmarks of changes in perceptions and the efficacy of branding programs. If the data already exists, we’ll do a comprehensive review to better understand audience needs and perceptions.

In conjunction with the review of any quantitative research, we’ll also start with in-depth discovery and qualitative research. The Branding Cupid’s team members will immerse themselves in your reality through a series of interviews, focus groups, competitive review and analysis of current brand tools and on-campus experiences. We’ll also scan your environment and competition to understand your position in the crowd. This scan will include review of leading brand expressions as well as audience response through social media listening.

Once we complete this research, review and analysis, we’ll come back to present our findings and recommendations for the best priorities and paths to accomplish your branding and marketing communications goals.

Once a written brand platform is approved, The Branding Cupid’s creative team will make that brand come to life. We’ll consider innovative and unique expressions of your community that will be memorable and engaging to all your audiences.

Cupid advocates for a collaborative,open book approach to creative development that gathers client input in early stages to avoid the political fallout that creative projects can often instigate (come on, you know what we’re talking about).

The Branding Cupid can also work with you to prepare a brand launch and roll-out plan that will position you to move forward confidently. We’ll collaborate on ways to launch your brand with your internal and external audiences. The launch plan will define what tools—advertising, social networks and platforms best for your business needs and brand. We will work together to reach your target audiences in effective ways.

The baseline for an organizational brand toolkit is usually a brand identity manual and style guide. These will help to educate on-campus collaborators about your brand platform identity, and ensure consistent and recognizable presentations of your identity. We often recommend that institutions couple this “rulebook” with a brand culture education program that creates a community of brand champions and ambassadors — and eliminates the cranks.

Rolling out a new brand or brand redevelopments, inevitably takes place in phases. Here at The Branding Cupid, we most often partner with businesses in multi-year engagements to build and enhance remarkable brand programs.

Components might include a brand education training series, brand manual and brand culture guide. Here at The Branding Cupid, some other components might include advertising and flagship brand communication tools such as publications, microsites or social campaigns.

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